Perpetual Group of Companies | Branding Solution and Management Company
We are into branding since 25 years and have given successful branding service and brand management services to many of our valuable clients. We provide different types of branding solution as per requirement for personal, product or company branding.
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About Us

Perpetual group of companies is formed long back with its flagship company Perpetual Brand Consulting. The main objective is to provide extra ordinary services to client and create a brand for them, which yields dividends for maximum period.


More and more talented people joined us and we expanded our umbrella to offer more specialized branding and training services under one roof. Hiring policy is focused on future goals of an individual rather then their low esteemed career. We stimulate and mentor them to think beyond and provide clients more value for their money.


We act more as a partner to progress rather than just providing advice. This has helped us retain most of the clients for longer period. A right mix of experts in team makes work very easy for client and helps them focus on their own strength rather than indulging in trial and errors in branding.


We are like specialized restaurant with focused menu and maximum services one may need in branding. From personal branding to product branding, we have all it takes to create a great brand. We strongly believe in idea based branding compared to media based branding. Tap on latest trends and track of changing consumer psychology helps us design brand communication strategy in minimum time.


Today Perpetual has expanded geographically also by making branch office in East Africa. Starting a full-fledged company for branding through web world is also a bold step towards our commitment to serve best possible services in branding sector.

Who we are?


  • A team of highly dedicated professionals with hands on experience of the brand consulting.
  • Strong believers in the concept that strategies can’t be thought & implemented by sitting in air-conditioned offices, unless being in the market place.
  • Organization that plan & follow intellectual business based strategies.
  • Experts who can aid from designing a new business to its branding.

What we are?


  • An integrated brand management consultancy firm.
  • Having a combined experience of over 20 years in the field of branding, training and related activities.
  • Sound marketing experience of different product category ranging from concept branding, personal branding, and household products to industrial products etc.
  • Whether your goal is to create a renowned brand, deliver an effective message or want to take your company to the next level, we can help.

Where we are?


  • Located in the fastest developing city, Ahmedabad (Gujarat). Strategic location at Gujarat gives an added advantage of availability of right intellectual capital.
  • A place known as the land of entrepreneurs. Ahmedabad has the proximity and connectivity to all other towns and markets of the country.
  • The office is equipped with necessary infrastructure and in-house design studio.
  • Branch office at East Africa, an emerging market of the World.

Where we stand?


  • From conceptualizing a business to brand building, our 25+ years of combined experience has specialized us in innovative brand communication strategies.
  • Our growth is utterly based on a word of mouth.
  • The mouth publicity of our clients has not just let us grown; but also proves their satisfaction level. Many clients are with us since their business inception.
  • Since the inception, Perpetual has undergone a radical transformation for the betterment of its clients.

Biren Deliwala

He is Gold medalist in Corporate Communication and Advertising with a sound background of Cost accountancy and Diploma in business finance. His basic strength lies in his sound academic career and varied experience with different personalities. He has extensively worked in branding field with major corporates in India and overseas. He has over 24 years of experience in brand development consultancy with a strategic focus on creative implementation of breakthrough strategies. List of brands created by his team are still ruling the market. Propelled with entrepreneur skills, he founded Perpetual Brand Consulting firm. He has worked for brands like Varmora Homeware, Electrotherm TMT bars, Welex Ayurveda, YMCA International centre, Prof. Rooshikumar Pandya, Unison Group, Lock & Lock and others. He has mastered the art of helping start up companies becoming a known brand with pan India distribution set up in shortest possible period. A well traveled professional with a result-oriented attitude. He has a strong network of resources in the industry. With original ideas, he has helped many companies develop brands with minimum spending also.


He has also worked with semi Government bodies for international exhibitions. A wanderer, visiting global expos overseas for regular updates and understanding global trends is his hobby. Tie up with leading peoples in Industries is a strong factor in handling work of all sizes. His versatility is proven and time tested. Successful branding for many companies from diverse industry like household sector, Ayurveda, TMT bars, hospitality sector, etc. makes him veteran.


Other area of his specialization are training and mentoring.

Hiren Vyas

Hiren Vyas is veteran media personality with strong presence in all kind of media. A self-made person started his career on a mild note with evening newspaper, Aaj kal. His acute skills helped newspaper achieve great positioning and distribution in major parts of Gujarat. Then he moved on to Gujarat’s leading daily newspaper “Gujarat Samachar”. Gujarat Samachar is in fact a leading and reputed local newspaper among India’s top regional print media having presence of over 70 years. The newspaper reached new heights with having under dynamic operations management of Hiren Vyas. Apart from many milestones, daily coupon system was brainchildren of him that took popularity of newspaper to next level and also help media to combat stiff competition.


To spread the wings it was time to prove worth in electronics media. This opportunity came through Andhra Pradesh Associated Broadcasting pvt. ltd. for launching TV9 in Gujarat. Within shortest span, TV9 became leading news channel in Gujarat. But such credits were not satisfying internal entrepreneurship of Mr. Vyas. Propelled with zeal, he started his own venture and launched Newsonline web portal. It was first channel to start live streaming of news. Newsonline today is having loyal viewership of many from various countries. To leverage on his established credit in print media, he started newspaper in India, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, USA, UK and UAE.


Charming personality, healthy relations with people of all rank, sharp sensing of political situation, analytical skills to set up and grow business are few traits to define him. But according to him exploration of new and exciting opportunities is what appeals him the most.

Darshit Gathani

He is a young professional with engineering background and diploma in brand management. From early age he started utilizing his vacation wisely and took up various marketing assignments . Those efforts paid well and be became the best marketing professional at the early age of 20. He has played vital role in implementing various projects at Perpetual Brand Consulting. His vibrant personality and great communication skills helped him develop corporate sales in shortest possible period. Other areas of expertise are product launch event, business conference management, social media branding.


To his credit he has done amazing business development work for many clients from diverse sector. Considering reverse mentoring, he has trained senior team at Perpetual for new age tools necessary for social media branding. Setting up sales with chain of stores and corporate gifting are his other area of specialization.

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