Welex Laboratories | Herbal Products - Branding, Launching, Marketing
Perpetual has undertaken project of Welex Laboratories product launching in India. “Indian wisdom, western perfection” is the unique concept given by Perpetul and today company is well placed in Indian Ayurveda/herbal products market and gaining market share in India.
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Welex Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Healthcare

Product: Herbal Supplements


The Company is one of the best companies in India manufacturing herbal products having International certifications and exporting to major countries. Project was to launch and gain market share in India. Perpetual, after extensive research and many brain storming session arrived at unique brand communication point “Indian wisdom, western perfection”. Relentless efforts done throughout launching period for identifying right place and target segmentation. Today company is well placed in Indian Ayurveda/herbal products market.