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Corporate branding is a particular type of branding for corporate entity. Perpetual helps managing corporate reputation and get you ahead with proven corporate branding ideas and strategy.
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Corporate Training

Brand Culture Training

In a world where every move you make is monitored, your brand culture is a vital aspect of your company.


Most brand conscious organizations must understand the importance of developing a strong internal brand culture before communicating their value to the outside world. Enforcing fabricated brand publicity together an external brand image will no longer work, people are social and with access to information at their fingertips, your consumers want to know your brand inside and out. Putting brand culture first and making it matter are the main challenges consultant has to take into consideration when aiming for a successful brand building strategy from within. It is rightly said, “your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.” ~ Frank Tyger


Brand culture training involves all department and people from all levels of organization. Usually training is translated from top to bottom level in hierarchy to ensure commitment from all involved. We at Perpetual adopt tailor-made strategy and follow time-tested agenda as described below:


  • Develop the vision
  • Make actionable plan to enforce mission towards common vision
  • Involve all and march towards positive accordance for organization’s vision and mission
  • Set the specific training program department wise and make them prepare for standardized brand value communication
  • Preparing special modules for specific needs of organization


Following are classic examples of great brand culture, communicated well inside as well as outside.


GoogleFacebookSouthwest AirlinesZapposTATA GroupOberoi Group of HotelsGodrej GroupAmerican Express CardsStarbucks Coffee

Sales & Negotiation Training

If brand doesn’t earn even in long run, the whole exercise is of no use. Essence of growth of any organization depends largely on sales.


A sale is final output of all exercise. But only brilliant branding strategy and effective media publicity would result into sale? The answer simply is no. Whenever there is a situation where seller and prospects have to interact, other communication like body language, tactics, persuasion, etc. assumes higher importance. Perpetual team has invaluable on-field experience and proven track record of success in major markets. Equipped with ready tools, techniques, successful case studies, useful reference materials, audiovisual presentations, etc. ensures converting a simple sales person into sales champion.


We help them learn presentation to suit their customer’s need and create and impact with voice modulation, body language, belief and conviction about the value of product, and their enthusiasm. One must remember that buying a product/service is above all an emotional decision for the prospect. Their job during the sales presentation is to suggest an intellectual justification for his emotional choice. Psychologically also it is proved that emotional triggers are activated 10 times faster than logical/rational reaction.


Our training program includes:


  • Grooming techniques
  • Body language (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Presentation tools and techniques
  • Objection handling skills
  • Persuasion and follow up methods
  • Mastering the art of closing each deal
  • Leadership skills for team management
  • Team work for better team performance
  • Negotiation skills
  • Other important aspects of communication
  • Product/service pitch preparation in accordance with organizational goals and values

Group Companies