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Political branding for political entities. Perpetual helps political leaders to create effective election campaign with proven branding ideas and strategy.
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Political Branding

Brand Culture Training

In a world where every move you make is monitored, your brand culture is a vital aspect of your company.


Political branding has reshaped the political equations and has made its presence felt during elections. In India, nowhere was it more prominent than in the last general election, when brand Modi triumphed over its rival political brands. However, the rise of political branding has found prominence in India only in the recent years. But it is here to stay for longer period because of phenomenal rise of mobile users. In contrast, the western democracies have borne testimony to it for the past many decades. Globally victory of Mr. Barak Obama and Donald Trump are successful case study of careful strategy and efficient use of social media for political branding.


Gone are days when people used to get impressed with rally and effective lecture at the time of election. People have started making decisions after careful evaluation of social media profile, candidate’s past record, his vision and mission, etc. Now political leaders must start building profile from day one and get engaged with potential voters.


Effective videos, responsible opinion on current affair, proper attention to public’s demand, responsibilities fulfillment, leadership, etc. are few things which every leader must have to inculcate in their career. Ever rising young generation are going to decide fortune of leaders so they must adopt new age tools and bring transparency in their work and at the same time make their work profile available and updated on social media.


Today voters have an access to all old records, be it written agenda or spoken promises. So bluffing is costly today and can be trolled upon easily causing huge loss to reputation. But at the same time opportunity is multiple ways to create lasting impression among voters, particularly young voters who decide their final choice 1-2 days before day of voting.


US-based expert Milan Vaishnav told PTI that the 2019 elections in India could not only exceed the $5 billion spent during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, but also surpass the amount spent during the US presidential and congressional elections in 2016.


In nutshell, political party, leaders and candidates must understand demographic change in voters profile. One needs to be serious about own image and consistent social work to gain voter’s confidence.

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