Kitty Culture | Woman Entertainment Venue Branding and Marketing
As today woman has equalized with man, Perpetual is enchanted to have this wonderful project on hand. The idea is to give ladies some relaxation from daily routine with some entertaining environment and venue. The project was very successful and got good media coverage to this innovative concept.
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Kitty Culture

Industry: Entertainment

Project: Innovative Conceptual Venue Chain


Entertainment is a industry where consumer seeks new ideas, relaxation and a temporary exit from routine life. Kitty culture was a project conceived by Perpetual for client. Right from name to actual project interior design, numerous “first time” concepts were used to create differentiation. The concept was even patented because of its novelty. In shortest period, it became number one entertainment venue. Many media covered full-length article on its innovative concept and venue culture. Woman culture project was set as an extension to the brand.