RKPW World | Concept Branding | Innovative, Creative - Concept Branding
RKPW world is the extension of Rooshikumarji’s personal branding. Perpetual come up with concept of ultra modern yet non-conventional interior designed centres run after his name. This was one of the best concept branding and memorial projects for Perpetual Brand Consulting.
rooshikumar pandya world, concept branding, creative branding, innovative branding, 3D interior design, 3D office interior design
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Rooshikumar Pandya’s World Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Innovative Concepts

Project: Creation of Chain of Unique Motivation Centres


This project was brand extension of an established personal brand. His vision was to engage more and more people learning motivational communication and contribute to the society. Perpetual came up with an extra-ordinary concept of building centres run after his name and base being his long lived philosophy. Ultra modern yet non-conventional interior was designed.