Varmora Palstech | Plastic Household Product Branding and Marketing
The challenge with Varmora palstech is to compete with large competitors in plastic industry. Perpetual took up challenge and made brand visible all over India and globally by participating in Hong Kong Houseware Fair. Today Varmora palstech is the leading name in plastic household products.
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Varmora Plastech Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Plastic

Products: Premium Quality Household


The challenge was to get recognized in presence of tough competitors like Tupperware, Signoraware, Lock & Lock, etc. Another big challenge was to compete against me too quality from thousands of unorganized companies. Perpetual took up challenge and made brand visible all over India and even put a footstep in Global market by participating in Hong Kong Houseware Fair, Hong Kong. Additional out-of-box step was taken to make strong presence in Institutional/Corporate gifting market.