Ecommerce Branding | Ecommerce Set Up & Strategies to Grow Your Business Online
Create ecommerce portal website to grow your business even online. Perpetual help you with best ecommerce set-up and strategies for your products and create your brand on internet. We design concept based and easy to use ecommerce websites to give your online business a maximum benefit.
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E-commerce Setup

We help companies set up e-commerce through innovative branding strategy. Client has to focus only on their manufacturing / service excellence; entire communication responsibilities would be taken care by our team.


We help them into:


  • Developing unique business model.
  • Create website/portal/application and activate social media profile for consumer engagement.
  • Branding awareness campaign across social media and offline media, if necessary.
  • Follow business plans and meet the desired objectives.


Such borderless business territories have emerged only in last decade but are here to stay for long. In last decade only few companies like Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, etc. were successful in a way but growth was not that great. Today we have e-commerce companies with giant empire and valuation counting in billions. Such companies are present in over 100 countries and impressively the journey of reaching is only few years. One has number of options while considering e-commerce models, namely;


  • Putting existing offline products online.
  • Trading within general or specialized products category.
  • Conceptual project set up and revenue being from advertisement, listing, 4. charges per service model, etc.
  • Listing manufacturers, suppliers, etc. of multiple products or specific category.
  • All above-mentioned projects are also available for service industry.
  • E-commerce projects are available for B2B as well as B2C category.


With online shopping expected to burgeon past the $1.5 Trillion marker this year in worldwide sales – with some experts predicting that ecommerce will touch $2 Trillion in the next few years – it’s the fastest growing and one of the most valuable industries. Because of rising infrastructure costs, more and more entrepreneurs are considering an option of business through ecommerce. Secondly with young peoples emerging as high spending consumer and buying mostly through e-commerce makes such business more attractive.


Ecommerce can be a very rewarding venture, but one need to consider few points before jumping in and following trends blindly. It is important to do a lot of research, ask questions, work hard and make on business decisions on facts learned from researching ecommerce. Relying only on “gut” feelings could be very dangerous proposition.


Few very successful case studies inspire entrepreneur to bank upon intelligence and such a great business platform.

Uber, the world’s largest taxi company owns no cars. The company is built on simple insight to relieve customers from parking problems and saving money on owned cars.

Facebook, the world’s famous media owner owns no content. Basic human needs of connecting and chatting was satisfied with blessings of technology.

Alibaba, the world’s biggest B2B giant, owns no inventory. Every producer doesn’t necessarily is good marketer. Exhibition concept was translated into virtual marketplace.

Instacart, the world’s most trusted grocery retailer, owns no stock. It simply meets consumer needs of door delivery of fresh things by connecting thousands of stores.

Whatsapp, the best for networking and messages isn’t network operator. A multi billion dollar company built on simple idea of allowing consumers to chat freely through mobile.

Amazon, a marketplace where millions of products are bought, isn’t manufacturer of even a single product. A genius e-commerce model with non existence of traditional business systems.

Flipkart, India’s biggest retail market place, doesn’t own any product brand. Young entrepreneurs captured the opportunity from changing trends of from physical marketplace to e-marketplace.

Paytm, online transaction company facilitating different payments, isn’t finance company. A payment facilitator without having financial investment in business.

Makemytrip, One of the biggest hotel and travel solution provider worldwide, doesn’t own any single hotel.

99, Billions of property deals takes place here, company is not having any single property., An online retail player started with niche market of online shoes selling, today is a multi million dollar company., A brilliant concept where dared to target content for leads currently in the funnel as against trend of fetching new leads.

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