YMCA International Centre (YMCA club) - Launching Event and Social Media Marketing
Perpetual has taken challenge to give YMCA a Premium Club status from simple club in Ahmedabad. Perpetual with special event and powerful social media marketing introduce Ahmedabad of new YMCA International Centre with Unique Exterior, luxurious interior and value added facilities.
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YMCA International Centre

Industry: Entertainment

Project: Positioning as Premium Club


YMCA worldwide is famous for economic stay and promoting sports activities. The challenge was to break this identity and position Ahmedabad club as premium club. Unique Exterior, luxurious interior, value added and first-of-its-kind facilities were effectively built. Perpetual chose unconventional publicity medium i.e. social media and specialized events to achieve its aim of premium positioning. Today it’s a landmark in India and is very famous destination for clubbing and premium events.