Electrotherm India Ltd | TMT Bars Branding and Marketing | B2B and B2C Branding
Electrotherm India Ltd. is the industrial product branding and marketing project in B2C category. Extensive consumer education campaign planned at 360-degree level. And with the great effort, today ET TMT is No 1 brand in TMT bars at state level.
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Brand Name

Identity is the most important part for person, place, product or group. Brand name is associated with you almost for lifetime and in many cases even after that. Brand name reflects your philosophy, promises and principles you stand for. In a way, it symbolizes brand promise you make to customers and/or followers.


Choosing right brand name is very essential in era of protected intellectual property laws. Your entire project is dependent on right brand name and it’s protection from copycats. Perfect brand name is first and the most important step towards creating strong identity, be it corporate identity or personal identity.


Perpetual brand consulting provides specialized services for providing right brand name. Many factors like history, competition, vision, numerology, market, etc. are considered thoroughly before suggesting a brand name.

Brand Name


  • La La life (Retail)
  • CV Group (Corporate house)
  • RKPW (Motivational training)
  • Kitty Culture (Entertainment)
  • Women Culture (Conceptual trading)
  • Chat Culture (Fast food)
  • Kids Culture(Kids entertainment)
  • Uniqraft (House ware)
  • Unilock (House ware)
  • My BFF (Pet industry)
  • Successfair (Conceptual project)
  • SS Vadapav (Fast food)
  • Eventual Ayurveda (Ayurveda products)
  • Amazing Ayurveda (Ayurveda portal)
  • Aagyaarth Ayurved Cure Centre (Ayurveda consulting)
  • Aagyaarth Ayurved Bariatrics Centre (Ayurveda consulting)
  • Acetex (Fabric)
  • Teeth and Gums (Oral care portal)
  • Electra Spoons (Table ware)
  • Gathani Realty Services (Real estate)
  • RIIS (Real estate)
  • Benchmark Ayurveda (Ayurveda products)
  • Sand Designs (Creative designs)
  • ET TMT (Construction)
  • Yup Mugs (House ware)
  • Right Click Imagegraphy (Photography)
  • Trident Gloabal (Financial consultancy)
  • Perpetual Dream Designers (Interior designing)
  • HV Group (Media House)
  • Pure n Pure (Purifier)
  • Varmora Homeware (Homeware)
  • Ayurved Express (Ayurved Shop)
  • SD Institute of Biology (Education)
  • Joints (Surgical product)
  • Dirgdrishti (Astrology)
  • Rkay Worldwide (Antique products)